Ask your hairdresser about Smartbond!

With Spring approaching, it’s time for a fresh, updated look! As cap highlights are slowly making a return, colouring your hair or having any chemical services can be harsh on your hair. Luckily, Blushes is carrying a product that will help keep your hair in better shape! We’re introducing Smartbond by L’Oreal.

Smartbond is a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair during any chemical service. The system consists of three components. The first two (2) steps are done at the salon by your hairdresser, and the third (3rd) step is done at home.

How to find out if Smartbond is right for you? If your hair type falls under any of these categories: damaged hair, sensitized hair, dull hair, coloured, highlighted, bleached – don’t be shy to bring it up with your hairdresser!

Once you use Smartbond, you can see results such as your hair feeling reinforced, more resistant, softer and shiny!

Introducing: Serioxyl

The new Serioxyl line by L’Oréal is designed to achieve denser looking hair at home. This line includes the Serioxyl Shampoo (available for Natural or Coloured Hair), Serioxyl Conditioner, Serioxyl Denser Hair, and Serioxyl Thicker.

By combining the super serums Denser Hair and Thicker Hair with this adapted hair care routine, your hair will achieve an ultra density effect.

The Denser Hair serum is enriched with Stemoxydine and Neohesperidin. Use daily for 3 months (along with your Serioxyl Shampoo & Conditioner) and apply up to 8 pipettes depending on the thickness of your hair. Work the product into the roots and ensure that it covers the scalp.

The Thicker Hair serum instantly thickens the look of the hair and leaves it feeling fuller and denser. Apply onto towel-dried hair and massage through lengths and ends then dry and style as usual. Combine this serum with any of the Serioxyl hair care products to achieve the best results.

For more information about this line, ask your hairstylist!

Finalist in the NAHA’s again!

On May 6th, Blushes was announced as a finalist in the North American Hairstyling Awards for Salon Team of the Year! Again, this event will be taking place in Las Vegas on July 12th, 2015. To watch the announcement of the finalists, you can check it out here.

Blushes is offering Olaplex services!


A few weeks ago, we were introduced to a new service called Olaplex. It comes in two steps, the first, called Olaplex Bond Multiplier No.1, is a sulfate-free liquid solution that is added to lightener or colour. The second is called Bond Perfector No.2, which is applied after your chemical service is rinsed and its purpose is to dramatically reduce breakage with every colour service.

A third step is recommended for full optimization of your hair. It is called the Hair Perfector No.3 and it is for you to take home. Use it once a week to strengthen hair further or to use as a pre-treatment to a future chemical service.

Step 1 of the Olaplex service works to multiply the bonds in your hair, eliminating any breakage of the hair when you get a chemical service. It helps strengthen the hair and makes it noticeably shiner and soft.

There have been some amazing results, if you would like to see examples, please check out their Instagram account, or come into the salon and see for yourself! It is definitely worth the extra steps. We are offering Olaplex step 1 and 2 as an additional $25 on top of your chemical service but prices may vary. Please consult with your stylist for confirmation on pricing!